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Let's dig in

Okay, let’s try this introduction again. My name is Chi, my pronouns are they/she, and I live in Tkaronto, which is the Mohawk word for: where the trees are standing in the water.  


I live here with my kiddo Q and partner R, our Boston Terrier/Pug forever-puppy Tofu, and two senior cats, Lydia (17) and Cleo (14), who still have not forgiven us for bringing a puppy home. 


I’m Vietnamese, spent my formative years in Germany, and moved to Toronto over two decades ago.


Some of my earliest memories are cooking with my mom - making rice (always wash your rice, folks!), being responsible for picking and washing greens, and eventually making full meals from a variety of cuisines. I have always felt at home in the kitchen, although cooking sometimes feels like a chore. Baking, however, is where the possibilities seem endless to me, and where I derive the biggest joy in the kitchen.


Baking allows me to be creative, and it definitely helped with making friends (hey, I moved countries and had to learn English at the tender age of 13, so I was not above bribing people with cookies and cakes).


Seriously though, I think baking is an art and a craft, and something that I am forever honing. Baking, especially baking for someone, is innately intimate and thoughtful - it takes time, consideration, planning - and it really shows someone that you genuinely care about them. So a lot of my baking centers around the people in my life, and wanting to cheer them up.


When I’m not baking, I’m trying to be a thoughtful parent to Q, a good friend, and just overall a good human. As a parent, I know that I inherited a lot of intergenerational trauma, and I am trying to break those patterns and cycles by being in tune with my emotions and feelings, and talking about them openly: the good stuff and the uncomfortable stuff, too.


As a first generation immigrant, a woman, and part of a visible minority, I care deeply about building a better world for Q to step into. I care deeply about fundamental human rights that take into consideration all intersections of identities, and fighting for true equity and inclusion across all exploited identities.


Phew, I think I covered it all. Thanks for reading!


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