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Gochugaru sesame brownies (sourdough discard recipe)

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

If you search "sourdough discard recipes," most of the search results will return plenty of waffle, scones, and banana bread recipes.

I wanted something chocolate forward that could be scarfed down in front of my computer, with 90 seconds to spare before my next Zoom meeting.

These brownies are seasoned with red miso paste, a generous helping of nutty sesame oil in addition to melted butter, and a sizeable amount of gochugaru. They straddle the line between sweet and savoury perfectly: melted dark chocolate and coco team up with the tang of the sourdough discard to create a robust enough flavour profile to complement the umami of the miso and sesame oil, while still keeping this undoubtedly a dessert. The heat of the gochugaru is subtle but persistent.

They are not so fudgey that they stick to the roof of your mouth, nor are they too cakey that you need to wash them down with coffee. Instead, the sourdough discard gives them a tender crumb, and of course, these brownies are not too sweet.


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