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Kiss My Pans + Snax Nguyễn

Thank you for dropping by and supporting our small businesses!

Pre-order the Kiss My Pans + Snax Nguyễn collaboration box by filling out the form below. If enough inventory is available, you'll receive an invoice via email within 48 hours.


Your order will only be finalized once payment has been received via e-transfer at

Pick-up is on Friday, May 19th, and starts at 10am. 


The Kiss My Pans + Snax Nguyễn collaboration box is

$50 + HST and includes: 

2 x Singaporean kopi

your choice of whichever version kopi you'd like to order during pick-up  

1 x Vietnamese chicken curry hand pie

Flakey pastry filled with a savoury chicken, potato, onion and carrot filling, seasoned with lemongrass, ginger and garlic.

1 x AZN Snaccident cookie

When you accidentally eat all the AZN snacks, rolled into the cookie of your dreams: crisp battered peanuts, roasted nori, crushed up ramen, arare rice crackers, dark chocolate and a dash of togarashi 

1 x Spicy Strawberry Margarita cookie

Your favourite margarita, reborn into a chewy cookie:  strawberries, lime, togarashi, candied jalapeno, and lots of zing with some sour sugar. 

1 x Gochugaru chocolate cake with black sesame frosting 

A soft and fluffy chocolate cake with a hint of bite thanks to the gochugaru, perfectly balanced with a smooth and salty black sesame buttercream 

1 x Singaporean kopi cream puff 

A crisp and crunchy craquelin-topped cream puff, filled with a silky Singaporean kopi pastry cream, and a condensed milk cream. 

3 x Lychee crystal candies

Vegan gummi candies that are almost too pretty to eat - but only almost. Lychee flavoured, made with agar agar, these candies are crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.

Please note that we cannot accommodate substitutions for the baked goods. 


Thank you so much for supporting our two small business - we are so excited to take you on this flavour adventure! 

Pick-up will be on Friday, May 19th, starting at 10am. 

How many boxes would you like?

Thanks for placing your pre-order!

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